Alek | Sander


28 March - 30 April 2019


5&33 Gallery



Daily until 30 April 2019

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5&33 Gallery presents ‘Dare to Love’ exposition from local Dutch painter Aleksander Willemse in collaboration with Eduard Planting Gallery from March 28th until April 29th.

Alek|Sander Willemse started his career as photographer and concept maker, a professional experience that shaped his artistic career throughout the years. As a child he was an avid flower collector, and kept the interest of collecting and photographing different flower types until his adulthood.

Alek|Sander creates compositions using different sort of flowers that were individually photographed. Based on his flower archives, he creates modern art for a contemporary public. Through his artworks the artist brings a message of cheerfulness and happiness.

Aleksander Willemse strives to ‘mask’ all the badness in the world offering the spectator his ‘feel-good’ art.

WARNING: You may unexpectedly experience an overdose of wonderful feelings upon viewing these works!


Opening times:
Daily from 07:00am – 23:00pm

*Please note that the Gallery might be closed during private events.

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