Gravity by Vladimir Rys


August 30th - September 24th


5&33 Gallery


Free admission

August 30th - September 24th


On the 30th of August the exhibition ‘Gravity’ opens its doors at 5&33 Gallery at art’otel Amsterdam, shot by award winning photographer Vladimir Rys. The exhibition showcases a series of career defining moments throughout his relationship of over a decade with Formula One and the Red Bull Racing Team.

With 20 years of experience, today self-taught photographer Vladimir Rys celebrates a 13-year career capturing one of the world’s most demanding sports of which he spent the last 11 years working alongside the celebrated Red Bull Racing Team. Formula One symbolizes the symbiosis between man and machine. As the racing car becomes an extension of the driver, so does the camera to the photographer and Vladimir’s talents transport the spectator into a world that is a universe on its own.

Images absent from time or place, center around the driver’s dance to tame gravity, with machines seemingly floating as if they are weightless. Having witnessed up close relentless hours of practice, unseen disappointments and sacrifice, Vladimir’s on-site portraits and documentary style shots reveals the story of the man behind the athlete and the champions who went on to become legends.

The exhibition opens its doors on August 30th and is open daily from 9 am till 9 pm. ‘Gravity’ is on display until September 24th. Selected prints will be available as limited editions.

About the artist

In Prague, Art Nouveau meets Classicism while Czech Baroque still holds relevance today. Against this backdrop, Vladimir Rys (1978) grew up as the country transitioned away from communism.

As Prague trained Vladimir’s eye to catch the interplay between shadow and light, the summers spent in his maternal native Greece heightened his sense of color and contrast, against fluid silhouettes. His background in analog photography continues to inspire him to this day allowing him to capture the essence of the image in the moment itself. This results in a signature style that is both hard to replicate and influential beyond his field.

Since 2005 Vladimir’s focus has been the demanding arena of Formula One motorsports where he works alongside the Red Bull Racing Team. With 200 Grands Prix under his belt, it has become a way of life. The versatility of the subject – an electrifying landscape, an action shot or an unmasked portrait - is the reward for his dedication and the life choices he made to live his dream. Working freelance since 2010, in addition to autonomous projects, also outside of the paddock, his work is commissioned for journalistic, commercial and artistic assignments.

His work has awarded him numerous accolades, notably;

2014 Formula One Photographer of the Year by Confartigianato Motori – Italy
2010 Photographer of the Year – Germany
2008 Formula One Photographer of the Year by Red Bulletin Magazine – UK
2000 Sports Photographer of the Year - Czech Republic

Vladimir lives in Athens and Berlin.

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