Exposition: Hawk


17th January - 11th February


5&33 Gallery


One can be in pursuit of beauty and happiness and search the entire universe and find none. But then again, the best things in life are most of the time right in front of us. It only takes a free spirit and open mind to recognize talent and that’s exactly what happens here in 5&33!

5&33 gallery is proud to present beautiful works of art of HAWK, one of its own team members of 5&33 bar, in collaboration with ASA – Amsterdam Street Art.
HAWK discovered his graffiti fascination at the age of 14, and hasn’t stopped drawing ever since.
He graduated as Master Sculptor in Italy before he started to travel the world. The skull he uses in a lot of his work represents the mask of his own reality.

Want to have a look through the mask of HAWK?
Come and check out his exhibition in the Gallery from 17th January till 11th February 2018.

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