Senatori’s pop-formations – Selwyn Senatori


From 14 February


5&33 Gallery


Senatori’s pop-formations

Happiness is in all sorts of things and almost everyone is looking for it. Artist Selwyn Senatori captures these moments of happiness with his word texts like 'Champagne in the Morning' and 'Out of Office Forever'. With this he challenges people to reflect on their own little moments of happiness. A cup of coffee in the morning or perhaps listening to a piece of music.

The neo-pop artist has been making a name for years at home and abroad with his recognizable work. He is inspired by situations that he experiences, but also by the daily life that passes him by, which he filters and distills into a work of art.
It is for the very first time that Senatori only exhibits his famous word texts.

About Selwyn Senatori

Selwyn Senatori is half Italian, half Dutch. Shockingly stylish and at the same time flat Dutch. The man of the three-piece suit, the handkerchief, the tailor-made shoes and a glass of champagne in hand. But also a pair of shorts with paint stains and a pair of slippers at his feet. It's not about what you wear, it's about how you wear it.

Senatori mainly works with acrylic paint, but also likes to experiment with chalk, pencils and spray cans. He draws and paints practically everything he encounters. From tablecloths during dinners to women, cars, Vespas, champagne bottles and even full buses.
The artist is based in Amsterdam where he lives and works, but his art is sold all over the world. From galleries in New York, London, Dubai and Moscow to Hong Kong, Oslo and Paris.

The exposition will be open from the February 14 until April 30.

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